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En nuestra sección de prensa encontrarás reviews de joyas, looks de fashion bloggers luciendo las joyas y entrevistas realizadas a Adriana Laura Mendez


Reviews de Joyas Realizadas a Adriana Laura Mendez
Aqui podras ver algunos reviews hechos por diferentes bloggers detallando la sensacion de cada pieza quedando demostrado su originalidad y belleza.

Website: The Consumer Adviser

“This show-stopping stunner is finely woven to create a delicate quality. It’s a very dressy piece, however, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear with anything you please, if that’s your desire. Be prepared to receive a great deal of compliments.” – The Consumer Adviser

Website: Girls in White Dresses

“I love the intricate designs, and I love the custom designs as well: you won’t need to worry that you’ll see your ring or bracelet all over town.” – Girls In White Dresses

Website: Simply Stacie
“This one of a kind handmade piece is created with a wire crocheted needle and it is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear with the look of pure sophistication.” – Simply Stacie

Website: Two Classy Chics
“Adriana handweaves all of her designs and creates jewelry pieces that are just so gorgeous! I was send a stunning crocheted cuff bracelet that took my breath away.” – Two Classy Chics

Website: Momma In Flip Flops
​ “This lovely jewelry will definitely stand out against most other jewelry you may own & will keep you coming back for more. You can tell in each piece the work that love that goes into each of the pieces.” – Momma in Flip Flops

Website: Outnumbered 3 to 1
“The bracelet was indeed something that looked as if it came out of a fairy-tale. The weave work was sophisticated and I honestly thought it enchanting. The time it must have taken to make each spiral of the wire, to be so smooth like air on skin. What can I say? It is phenomenal and easy to get lost in the detail.” – Outnumbered 3 to 1

Website: A Nation of Moms
“Having worn this piece out in public on a number of occasions now, I have yet to have a moment when a friend, or even stranger, hasn’t approached me to admire.” – A Nation of Moms


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Feria Puro Diseño!
La Joyeria Crochet en Punto Peruano, representada por Adriana Laura Mendez, estuvo presente en la Feria Puro Diseño realizada en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nuestro Stand

En la foto se puede observar el stand que tuvimos en la Feria Puro Diseño, en la edicion del año 2009.
Joyeria Crochet